Accounting Malpractice

We defend accountants and accounting firms in various matters, including professional liability matters. We have experience in evaluating compliance with accounting procedures under the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS). We have specific knowledge and experience necessary to handle and help you manage and minimize risk. We defended one of the largest claims ever litigated involving an accounting malpractice claim in the State of Missouri

Employment Law

We can provide exceptional litigation experience in many aspects of employment law. We can help both employers and workers prevent, address and resolve a variety of issues related to the employer-employee relationship. We have handled claims in the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Missouri Human Rights Commission, and the Illinois Commission on Human Rights, and civil litigation related to claims under Title VI and the Missouri and Illinois Human Rights Acts; negotiated employment contracts, non-compete agreements and severance agreements; and resolved employment-related personnel disputes, and provided help in addressing issues related to claims of discrimination, harassment, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accommodations and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requests. We have provided focus group evaluations for our clients.

Civil Rights

Civil Rights laws are designed to ensure that people are treated equally and without respect to their race, ethnicity, gender, or other such attributes. They also guard against overly intrusive conduct by the government. We have handled cases pertaining to: civil rights defense, civil rights claims under sections 1981 and 1983, race and age discrimination, personal rights, sex discrimination, and women’s rights.


As part of our trucking and transportation practice, we commonly represent trucking companies in such matters as: trucking accidents and personal injury, catastrophic injury and fatality claims, and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act compliance. We have significant experience both in and outside the courtroom when it comes to handling commercial transportation matters. We have put on “mock” jury trials for our clients to allow for in-depth case analysis.


We currently represent clients on matters of transportation compliance issues with existing federal and state laws, insurance coverage, and liability defense. We are able to provide emergency response and crisis management services 24 hours, 7 days a week. Whether the circumstances involve a significant accident, the first hours after such an event are often critical from a liability management standpoint. We work with clients at every step to address the issues that may arise as a result of accidents.


Our firm represents insurance companies that need help in evaluating coverage or in defending claims against their insureds, or first party claims. We handle a broad spectrum of legal issues relating to insurance policies and general liability claims.

Catastrophic Injury

We represent and defend clients who have claims arising from a catastrophic injury or illness which result in permanent disability and disfigurement. The potential exposure of such claims means that the accident needs immediate attention. We work with accident reconstructionists to determine “fault.” We work with life care planners to challenge unreasonable and/or excessive plans submitted by claimants.

Premises Liability

We represent business and home owners facing premises liability cases arising from alleged injuries potentially caused by a property owner’s failure to maintain his property or to warn visitors of hazards. Common premises liability cases include slip and fall cases, construction defects that harm visitors, and assaults that allegedly occur because the property has inadequate lighting, monitoring or other security measures.

Product Liability

We represent manufacturers and sellers of products who are accused of placing a defective product in the hands of a consumer or end user. We have defended numerous manufacturers in cases involving allegations of strict product liability design defect, manufacturing defect, breach of warranty and failure to warn.


At Hughes Lawyers, LLC, we offer mediation services to help resolve disputes efficiently and amicably. Our experienced legal team facilitates confidential discussions between parties to identify mutually beneficial solutions without the formality and cost of a courtroom proceeding. With a deep understanding of the process, we provide a structured, yet flexible approach to mediation that prioritizes the unique needs and interests of our clients. Trust Hughes Lawyers to guide you through the mediation process, ensuring a fair and satisfactory resolution.

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